Consolidating student loans 2016

03-Nov-2017 08:59

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These programs are offered through the federal government, and offer forgiveness of your loan balances after you meet certain repayment requirements for anywhere from 10 – 25 years.The first type of loan forgiveness program worth considering applies to those who might be able to work in the public sector upon graduating.While college graduation may be a time to party for many, leaving college also serves as a painful introduction to adulthood for those with crushing levels of student loan debt.With average debt levels surging over ,0 graduates, many must spend the next decade of their lives (or longer) paying off student loans.

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That last part – the “qualifying employer” part – is the tradeoff you’ll make if you sign up for this program. So, while your student loans may ultimately be forgiven, you may need to sacrifice higher earnings to get there.

With refinancing, you remain in control of your life – and your career.

So Fi is a company who offers student loan refinancing at competitive rates that may be lower than what you’re paying now.

While most lenders offer a grace period of 6 months or more before you must begin repayment, the monthly payments that will follow are inevitable.

No matter how much you owe, and no matter your financial situation, student loan debt cannot normally be discharged in bankruptcy.

A few months ago, I made this call with a client and simply asked “what can we do to lower the rate on this loan?

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